A Unique Collection Of Vintage Sports Cars & Rare Clocks

This website is about a collection of Vintage Sports Cars and rare Antique Clocks compiled by Patrick Smiekel. The clocks are being sold so as to concentrate on the restoration and sale of the vintage cars.

Currently there are more than 15 vintage sports cars in various degrees of restoration in addition to the completed cars on the site. Please look at our restoration page for an idea of what will be available in the near future.

Vintage Sports Cars For Sale

1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto


Vintage Car Restorations

All of our restorations are done by removing everything including the paint to reveal the bare sheet metal of the automobile.

Rare Clocks

Clock Collection For Sale

This small collection of rare antique clocks is now being offered for sale. Each clock has been professionally restored and all are in excellent condition.

Timely Investments

Inquire About Prices By Email: psmiekel@gmail.com