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Gilles Martinot Quarter Striking Boulle Table Clock Circa 1685
French Table Regulator By Leroy Circa 1805
French Portico Table Regulator Circa 1818
English Striking Skeleton Clock Circa 1870
Small Engraved French Carriage Clock Circa 1860
French Carriage Clock By Breguet Circa 1808
French Grand and Petite Sonnerie Carriage Clock by LeRoy Circa 1895
English Stick Barometer By Nairne Circa 1770
French Art Deco Carriage Clock By Leroy & Fils Circa 1926
Best Offer

This small collection of rare antique clocks is now being offered for sale. Each clock has been professionally restored and all are in excellent condition. We have priced the clocks at or below current market and would consider all reasonable offers.

If you have questions, please contact Patrick Smiekel at 805-680-6900. Montecito California, USA

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