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French ormolu carriage clock #3816 by Breguet - Details:

Early and Rare Breguet carriage clocks This highly engraved Breguet carriage clock is finished in Empire ormolu with quarter strike, repeating, and alarm sounding on a bell. ‘Number 3816’ was first sold to Lord Gower on February 4, 1826 accompanied with Breguet certificate of origin #3100.

The left side of the engraved top has a bronze push quarter repeat button; the right side has a gilt-metal milled knob for the pull-wind alarm. An ornate gilt brass handle is hinged from lion's head mounts.

The engine-turned silver dial with blued-steel "Breguet" hands and a pointed blued-steel alarm indicator is signed ‘Breguet et fils’. The serial number, 3816, is engraved on a rectangular silvered plaque mounted on the face and also on the reverse of the dial, the reverse of the silver chapter disc, the back plate, and stamped on one of the engraved bun feet.

The movement has four back-pinned pillars, a single going barrel, a large gilt brass platform with cut bimetallic compensated balance and parachute suspension to a lever escapement. The alarm pulley and steel repeat rack work are mounted on the front plate. This clock has been recently fully serviced and is in good working order.

Dimensions:  14cm high w/handle, 8.5cm wide, 6cm deep.

Abraham Loius BreguetAbraham Louis Breguet is credited as being the inventor of the carriage clock. Typically, these clocks took the form of a metal-framed case and glazed on all four sides surmounted by a carrying handle. The carriage clock, as we know it today, was designed and invented by Breguet about 1795. In 1798 he sold his first to Napoleon Bonaparte. He was far ahead of his contemporaries in his carriage clock design. 

Although the basic movements are strikingly similar, the more recent clocks rarely match those of Breguet in finish, complication, or quality. Breguet made approximately 90 carriage clocks with many of them in mahogany cases.

Escapement - Top View
Back View

Bottom View Quarter View - Right Quarter View - Left Front View

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