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English 18 carat gold pocket chronometer by McCabe - Details:

English Pocket chronometer This very high grade key-wind English pocket chronometer is signed “James McCabe, Royal Exchange, London, 193” on the dial and the 18 carat gold case is stamped ‘193’. The single fusee movement with Arnold’s spring detent escapement is engraved “James McCabe, Royal Exchange, London, 193” on the back plate.

The 4.5cm white enamel main dial has Roman numerals and the subsidiary seconds dial has Arabic numbers; both have gold hands. The edge of the case is engraved with vertical ribbing and the back is finely engine-turned. The back opens to reveal the dust cover, key wind access, and the inscription: “Presented to Capt. H. Chapman as a mark of their kind regard by Geo. Saunders, Montague Ainslie, David Scott, Esquires”. This precision timepiece has been serviced by Gerald Marsh of Winchester, England, and is in excellent working order.

Circa 1800

Dimensions: 2”(5cm) diameter, 5/8”( 1.7cm) deep

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The highly regarded McCabe firm was founded by James McCabe, one of three horologist sons of the watch and clock maker William McCabe of Lisburn, Ireland. Although McCabe used a wide variety of escapements, he is particularly associated with the improvement of the duplex escapement.

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