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French gilt-brass skeleton clock by Verneuil of Paris - Details:

early skeleton clock by Verneuil circa 1810 The substantial gilt-brass frame, shaped like a sculptured ‘A’ and mounted on two heavy brass blocks, has the going train mounted above the striking train with a dead beat pin wheel escapement, gridiron temperature-compensated pendulum with knife edge suspension, and a count wheel striking that sounds the hours and half hours on a vertically placed polished bell.

The white enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals and Breguet style hands is framed by a cast, chased, and gilded outer bezel. A white enamel half seconds dial is located below the XII bearing the signature “Verneuil a Paris”.

Located below the main chapter ring is another white enamel dial also framed with a similar outer bezel and indicating the days and date.

Below the day/date dial the two gilt-brass blocks mount onto a dark gray marble base atop four brass bun feet. The brass-framed glass dome enclosure sits on a gilt-wood base atop four more brass bun feet.

Circa 1810 -
Dimensions: 14”(36cm) high, 7 3/4”(19cm) wide, 4 1/2”(12cm) deep
Case size: 18”(45cm) high, 10”(25cm) wide

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Verneuil operated in Paris in the early 1800’s producing a small variety of high quality precision clocks.

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