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French miniature crystal regulator - Details:

Miniture French crystal regulator This pretty French clock has a lot packed into a small space with four-glass design making everything visible. The upper of the two 7cm diameter white porcelain dials shows a Brocot escapement recessed inside the chapter ring along with the two winding arbors. A gilt brass bezel separates the recessed area from the chapter ring. The lower dial is surrounded by the months of the year with subsidiary dials for the day, date, and a stylistic moon phase indicator.

The front of the clock has a beveled glass door framed in brass that opens to a highly engraved mask. Both sides have beveled glass panels to allow full view of the 8-day going barrel and movement with the perpetual calendar movement mounted below. The rear beveled glass door opens to the striking mechanism (on the hour and 1/2 hour), gong, and adjustable pendulum.

Clocks of this style with a calendar were usually made in a much large case; one this size with perpetual calendar is very rare. Other than some light scratches under the pendulum, this clock is in very good condition and in good working order after a recent overhaul.

Circa 1885.

Dimensions: 8 1/2”(21.5cm) high, 5 1/2”(13cm) wide, 4 1/2”(11cm) deep

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