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French Old Paris Rococo porcelain case clock by Jacob Petit - Details:

Old Paris porcelain case clock by Jacob Petit circa 1840 This is a pretty Old Paris porcelain case clock by artisan Jacob Petit celebrated for his magnificent and desirable porcelain wares of superior quality and design. The movement, with silk suspension, strikes a bell on the hour and 1/2 hour and is signed Hry Marc, Paris, #1092. The clock runs well and is in very good condition overall with no evidence of repair; The base is signed ‘J.P.’ in underglaze blue.

Circa 1840.

Dimensions: 12” high.

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Jacob Petit (1796-1868) owned one of the most important and well-known porcelain factories in France, becoming one of the major producers of Rococo ornamental ware during the 1830s. Between 1830 and 1850, new manufacturing techniques evolved that modernized the production process without sacrificing the craftsmanship of this time-honored trade.

At the 1834 Paris Exhibition, the work of Petit showed his genius for inventing numerous and varied new forms, revolutionizing the manufacture of porcelain. He was imitated throughout Europe and his name was given to a Rococo Revival style that reflected the many different influences on Petit’s designs. His highly decorative porcelain was enormously popular in both England and France and has proven to be well-made and designed to endure the test of time.

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