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French Empire clock, orrery and bronze music box signed by Z. Raingo a Tournay. - Details:

French Empire clock with orrery and music box circa 1810. This magnificent instrument combines the functions of a high quality clock, orrery, and music box into a French Empire piece that stands 65" high on a mahogany pillar. Above the pillar is the cylindrical bronze music box stamped Arnaud Freres No. 335.

The pin barrel movement is activated by the clock on the hour or by 3 levers that switch the music on/off, play one of 4 selections, or provide continuous music.

The clock is by Raingo, and signed Z. Raingo a Tournay on the enamel dial, tells the time and day of the week and strikes the hour and half hour.

Above the clock is an ornate ring decorated with the signs of the Zodiac and above this is the orrery that demonstrates the movement of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun and shows the age of the moon.

The whole orrery rotates once a year on the calendar ring set within the Zodiac ring. The orrey is driven by the clock movement but has an independently wound barrel.

Circa 1810.

Dimensions: 65 high.

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