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French carriage clock by Japy Freres - Details:

This French carriage clock with sweep seconds, alarm, and half-hour repeat on a bell in a one-piece case was manufactured by Japy Freres, Beaucourt, in 1860 and stamped on the back plate with an oval indicating the Grand Medal of Honour won in 1855 and number 88.

The ormolu escapement platform is highly engraved with a scrolled floral pattern.

One-piece cases originated with Paul Garnier around 1835 and had the advantage of more rigidity and strength but with a delicate and fully glazed appearance.

They were more costly to build as it required the four uprights to be brazed to the top casting and then the finish work was more time consuming. The brass case has a nice patina and no scratches, but there is a small chip at the bottom of one of the glazed side panels.

The clock runs well but has not been cleaned or serviced recently. The white enamel faceplate has a hairline crack at the bottom by the alarm dial.

Circa 1860

Dimensions: 6.5” high to top of handle

Back View - Open Left - Side View View the Escapement Front View

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