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Swiss chiming mantle clock by E. Gubelin - Details:

Gubelin Swiss mantle clock The unique arched beveled glass permits complete viewing of the twelve jewel going train, platform escapement, and the Winterhalter and Hofmeier movement that chimes either Westminster or Whittington progressively at each quarter hour with the full melody at the hour.

The rosewood case with cross-banded kingwood inlays is perfectly proportioned to compliment the glazed arch panel giving this clock a style of its own. Opening the engraved brass glazed door allows access to the recessed silvered dial with roman chapter, three winding arbors, strike/silent, and a subsidiary dial to choose the melody.

The dial is signed E. GUBELIN, LUCERNE and the back plate is engraved Gubelin, Swiss 1.
Having just been cleaned and serviced, this clock is in good working order emitting melodious sounds four times an hour, on demand.

Circa 1910

Dimensions: 11 1/2”(29cm) high, 8 1/2”(21.5cm) wide, 6 1/2”(16.5cm) deep

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