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Precision Mantel Regulator by Paul Garnier - Details:

Precision Mantel Regulator by Paul Garnier Paris. A large French striking regulator with equation of time by Paul Garnier, Paris. The finely finished two train movement with bell strike, dead beat escapement, sweep center seconds, phases of the moon, date and month calendar, and equation of time.

The Harrison gridiron temperature compensating pendulum houses a thermometer in the center of the pendulum bob. The back plate of the movement is signed "Paul Garnier H'ger (Horologer) Mecanicien a Paris".

The multiple signed porcelain dials are in excellent original condition. The main dial is surrounded by the signs of the Zodiac drawn on parchment inside 12 brass windows with the months engraved around the dial perimeter. The lunar dial is in the center with phases of the moon indicated by a rotating moon above a cloud scene.

The solar time difference is indicated on the dial located just below the 6 o’clock with the date and month indicated in a surrounding dial. The ormolu and the engraving are in excellent condition as are the Zodiac drawings.

The well proportioned case done in Honduran mahogany finished with ebony accents and dental moldings beneath the crown. The dial and movement being accessed by removing the top and then sliding the front and rear glass panels upward.

Circa 1860

Dimensions: 25” High, 13” wide, 10” deep.

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Paul Garnier
(1834-1916), son of the famous Jean-Paul Garnier (1801-1869) was a gifted Paris watchmaker. He left behind one of the most important collections of clocks and pocket watches, which are still in the Louvre today.

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