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Early German hexagonal table clock by B. Furstenfelder - Details:

German hexagonal table clock The silver champleve dial on this German hexagonal table clock by Furstenfelder, of Friedberg, has Roman and Arabic chapter rings with an alarm disc in the center and pierced and engraved hands.

The gilt brass case with oval framed glazed apertures on the sides exposing the movement hinges on the base housing the bell and resting on three elaborate scroll feet. After opening the base, two nib pieces next to the dial release the movement and dial from the case.

The movement is secured between hexagonal brass plates by five baluster pillars. A chain fusee going train with verge escapement and elaborate back cock is regulated from a silvered disc calibrated from 0-60.

The striking train has a barrel engraved in foliage, pierced and chased strike gates, a calibrated count wheel, and an engraved hammer. Two smaller hammers strike the alarm. The gilt back plate is signed B. Frustenfelder, Friedberg.
This clock is in excellent condition and in good working order with a very robust alarm.

Circa 1690

Dimensions: 3 1/2”(6cm) high, 4 1/2”(11.5 cm) wide

View the Movement Side Views of Movement

Bottom View Base View - Open Top View

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