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English giant carriage clock by Edward Dent of London - Details:

Dent English carriage clock This Edwardian styled giant English carriage clock, with fluting to the front corners, feet, and handle, has an eight-day, twin fusee, repeating and striking movement by Nicole Nielsen, incased in gilt brass with beveled glazed side panels.

The recessed white enameled dial with Roman numerals, fleur de lys hands, and signed Dent, 33 Cockspur St, London, 32571, is surrounded by an attractively engraved gilt mask.

Opening the brass back panel with closeable apertures for the winding arbors, hands adjustment, and strike/silent reveals the hammer striking on a gong, the high quality lever escapement, and a back plate signed same as on the dial.

A recent cleaning and service has this clock in excellent working order. Cosmetically it is in pristine condition and is accompanied with a signed and numbered leather carrying case.

Circa 1875

Dimensions: 10 1/2”(26.5cm) high w/handle, 6 1/2”(16cm) wide, 5”(12.5cm) deep

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Back View - Open

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No. 32571 is described and illustrated in "Carriage Clocks" by Charles Allix and Peter Bonnert, Woodbridge, 1974, page 262 and in Derek Roberts’ book “Carriage and Other Traveling Clocks” on page 318.

Edward John Dent (1790-1853) was a celebrated maker of watches, clocks, chronometers and regulators. Starting life as a tallow chandler, Dent was employed by both the Vulliamys and the Barrauds making clocks and watches. In 1830 he entered into a partnership with J.R. Arnold and in 1840 he set up on his own account at 33 Cockspur Street, London.

He was the builder of "Big Ben", the celebrated Westminster clock, and made many fine chronometers, watches, and high commercial grade clocks. His stepson, Richard Edward Dent, took over the firm in 1853 and ran it until 1920.

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