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French carriage clock by Brocot - Details:

Brocot carriage clock This high quality French striking carriage clock by Achille Brocot was probably made to special order due to the richly engraved 1/8” solid silver panels depicting Japanese scenes.

The movement and case sit on a cast brass base with 4 numbered and pinned feet. The original escapement can be seen through a glazed panel in the top next to the repeat button. The back plate as seen through a beveled glazed door is stamped AB within a star and numbered 902.

The case is numbered 902 in various places and the condition of the ormolu and the glass are excellent.

The movement, which strikes on a gong on the 1/2 hour and hour, has been cleaned and serviced by Gerald Marsh Antique Clocks Ltd. and is in good running order

Circa 1870.

Dimensions: Height to top of handle is 7.5”.

Back - Open Works Dial Front - Left Back - Right Front View

Escape - Case OpenLeft & Right Silver Panels

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