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French precision table regulator by Breguet - Details:

Rare Breguet precision table regulator This very important table regulator by Breguet is encased in finely figured rosewood, trimmed in boxwood, with glazed panels on four sides to beautifully display the complicated movement.

The white enamel dial features Arabic numerals and a jump hour indicator designed by Breguet.
The blued-steel hands for the hours and center seconds are also of Breguet design.

The main features of the movement include: dead beat escapement; full gridiron compensated pendulum; early rack striking system; weight driven remontoire; and a thermal compensator dial.

Further details include: pierced and compensated snail; pierced cocks; jeweled pallets and escape wheel; and a most ingenious way of making sure the clock only strikes one at the half hour. The back plate of the movement is engraved ‘Breguet’ with matching signature on the dial.

Circa 1790-1810 - Dimensions: 24 “ (61 cm)

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Back View - Remontoire

Although Breguet was well known for making high quality watches and carriage clocks, he made very few precision table regulators, which makes this especially rare.

The remontoire provides a more constant and gentle power to the escapement. It consists of an endless chain passing over two toothed pulleys on the movement and supporting two weights suspended on grooved pulleys.

The first weight supplies the power directly to the escapement and each time the clock strikes, the spring barrel re-winds the weight and turns the second toothed pulley with the second weight acting as a counter weight.

During his life, Abraham-Louis Breguet held the position of Clockmaker to the French Navy and became a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. He was a member of the French Board of Longitude, a body set up to assess the quality of timekeepers made to find longitude, and was also a member of the French Royal Academy. In his time, Breguet was a pioneer in the design and making of watches.

Apart from a series of marine chronometers, Breguet's finest achievements in the area of clocks were a group of silver-cased hump-back carriage clocks, and clocks known as pendules sympathiques, designed to automatically wind and set the owner's watch to time at night.

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