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Gilded French carriage clock with 4 Sevres porcelain panels - Details:

French Carriage clock with porcelain panels circa 1880. This beautiful French carriage clock is encased in a fully engraved gilded gorge case with four Sevres porcelain panels. All panels are in excellent original condition with split pearls bordering the face and covered with beveled glass. A beveled oval glazed top displays the original escapement. The engraving is detailed and crisp with little sign of wear. The beveled glass distorts the split pearls on the left side.

The movement strikes the hour and 1/2 hour on a gong, has an alarm, and repeats the hour with a button on the top. The base is stamped ‘H.A.’ surrounded by ‘Brevettes, G.D.’ and numbered 1178.

Sevres porcelain is widely known to be both the French porcelain of royalty and the royal porcelain of France. The first soft paste porcelain Sevres items, known as Vincennes, were begun in 1738 at the Chateau de Vincennes southeast of Paris. Former workmen from the Chantilly ceramics works started the factory. Close ties to the French court enabled the Sevres factory to expand the manufacture as well as to monopolize porcelain production in France in the early years.

Circa: 1880. Dimensions: 7" high to top of handle.

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