Some of the items listed below were sold to dealers and may be still available for purchase. The thumbnail images below are not in scale - please click on the images for select close-up views and more details or information about each of our archived items. Please feel free to contact Timely Investments at - if you have any interest in any of our previously owned rare clocks and watches.

Please contact us if you want higher resolution photos of any item or different views that are not currently on the site.

Audemars Piguet ultra-thin Swiss repeating pocket watch
Audemars watch
Circa - 1890

French bronze vase clock
Bronze vase clock

Circa - 1800

French pocket watch
French pocket watch

Circa - 1810

James Cox 3 train quarter striking on 8 bells clock,in tortoiseshell case made for the Turkish market, circa 1795
James Cox 3 train quarter striking clock
Circa - 1795.

Early German Table Clock circa 1685
Early German table clock by Christian Minepott

Circa - 1685.


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