Rare French and English Clocks.These rare clocks, fine watches, chronometers, unique barometers and other sought after pieces, provide an inflation hedge against the value of the dollar and are sound alternative investments to stocks and other paper assets. There are always willing buyers for the best, whether it is property, artwork, vintage cars, clocks or watches.

The value of each horological item is determined by the maker and date of manufacture, as well as, complications in the movement, style and material of the case, originality of all the components, availability or rarity, and of course, the present condition.

We have priced our selection of clocks and other fine horologic instruments at current fair market values based on recent sales at various auctions and dealers; however, exact comparables are difficult because so few examples are available in the market place at any given time. The images below are not in scale - please click on the images for our selected close-up views and more detailed information about each item offered.

Please contact us if you want to see higher resolution photos of any item or different views.

English Striking Skelton Clock circa 1870
French table regulator by Gabriel LeRoy
Circa - 1805.
Price: Inquire

English Striking Skelton Clock circa 1870
English Striking Skeleton Clock
Circa - 1870.
Price: Inquire

Mandolin form watch circa 1800
Mandolin form Watch
Circa - 1800.
Price: Inquire

English Bracket Clock Signed Joseph Knibb London
English bracket clock by Knibb

Circa - 1690.
Price: Inquire

Nairne English stick barometer
Nairne stick barometer
Circa - 1770. Price: Inquire

Rare English Rosewood carriage clock by Viner of London.
Rosewood carriage clock
by Viner

Circa - 1825.
Price: Inquire

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