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Right Side

Left Side

Back Closed

With Case


Back Plate

Right Rear Movement and Signature


Signature on Plate Side


French Grand and Petite Sonnerie carriage clock by LeRoy in a gorge case with a very rare ‘Special Escapement’.

The escapement is adjusted with a gear drive using the clock key. It is one of the most accurate carriage clocks made in the 19th Century. Only a handful were produced and all ending with the 00 in the serial number. This is 15400 and was a made prior to December 25, 1895 as that is engraved on the back plate.

This is signed and numbered on the back and the side of the back plate, on the dial, and on the bottom of the original leather travel case.

It has been cleaned. serviced. and keeps time to within a few seconds per week. On the bottom is the lever for selecting Grand, Petite, or silent.

Circa: 1895

Dimensions: 7" to top of handle