Vintage Sports Cars Restoration - 1957 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato

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Restoration - Front Right

Restoration - Front Compartment

Restoration - Interior

Restoration - Left

Restoration - Head On Pan

Restoration - Block

Restoration - Pistons

Restoration - Nose

Restoration - Paint

Restoration - Right Side

Restoration - Trunk

Restoration - Floor

Restoration - Interior

Restoration - On Wheels

Restoration - On Wheels

1957 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato: ‘Double Bubble’ Corsa

Approximately 20 Corsa models were built by Abarth and most were lost over time as racers. This particular car was purchased from the original owner and still retains it’s original engine, undoubtably because most of it’s life was in storage. The car was made in December of 1957 and Stan Goldstein purchased the car new in 1958 where it was being used by the dealer as demonstrator. He used the car for years and even proposed to his wife in it!

As life went on for Stan, the Abarth was retired to storage where it sat until 1994 when Stan trailered it to the Concours Italiano in Carmel and displayed it in bare metal. On and off for the next 25 years Stan worked on restoring #393991 to the way he purchased it. Then I purchased it and took over finishing the restoration with Stan’s help and knowledge. Enough of the original red paint was left on the frame of the rear window for us to match the color.